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Ouch! My nail is so sore, can YOU help?

This is a question I get asked so many times both while working in the clinic at Walk and via messenger. My answer? "of course I can!".

When we have an ingrown toenail or a nail that digs in it can make us feel miserable. Every pair of shoes, every single step can be sore or even agonising.

An ingrown nail can be caused by a number of things, footwear, badly cut edges or even a problem with the way the nail grows! So what can I do to help? Firstly, managing your expectations of how we deal with it is important. It might be that educating you simply on how to cut them will cure the problem moving forward, or worse case scenario you wanted surgery, we can help with that too.

As podiatrists, we are degree trained and spend a long time perfecting nail surgery. I myself carry out many appointments for surgery a month and we are pro's at making sure the procedure is as pain free as possible.

We won't abandon you after surgery either, all your appointments are included and we will look after you until you are happy that things are much much better.

So if you have a painful nail and you want help why not give us a call? It might be the next best step you take ;)

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